About us

The Villa Heckenfels is uniquely located near the former German capital of Bonn within the Siebengebirge nature reserve and is surrounded by beautiful nature. It was built atop ist own hill overlooking the Rhine Valley, and can be accessed via a private road. The Drachenfels castle is just a short distance away. 

The villa offers an elegant ambience suitable for management meetings like e.g.business negotiations or ustomer relations. It was renovated a few years agd completely refurbished. The interior was redesigned with antiquities from the Louis XVI and Empire epoch and equipped accordingly.The ground floor with ist elegant entrance has three spacious interconnecting salonswith exclusive and stylish features. 

The villa was completely renovated a few years ago and completely refurbished. The interior was redesigned with fixtures from the Louis XVI epoch and the Empire and equipped accordingly. It has on the ground floor three spacious interconnecting salons with exclusive and stylish features. 

Around the villa you will find a park-like garden, which was designed by an architect. From various terraces and viewpoints throughout the garden you have a fantastic view of the Rhine Valley. 

At the time of the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany in 1949 and thereafter, the Villa Heckenfels was the residence of a representative of the victorious powers, Deputy British High Commissioner Sir Christopher Steel. During that time political talks between the High Commissioner and one of ex-chancellor Dr. Konrad Adenauer`s closest associates, Herbert Blankenhorn, took place there. 

The uniqueness and distinct history of Villa Heckenfels makes it the perfect event location for your private or business events.